An Introduction:

Ren Datura is equal parts darling and deviant, grace and ferocity, filth and decadence.

Ren fell in love with the world of burlesque and cabaret soon after she moved to Toronto in 2012. She began to perform burlesque professionally as Datura Katsura in 2015 before rebranding as Ren Datura in early 2019.  

This vaudevillainess has been hailed by audiences across North America and Europe as “a powerhouse” and “The Iggy Pop of burlesque”. Her unique fusion of contemporary dance sensibilities and the insatiable hunger that comes with being a  self-taught artist is sure to make your heart race and your skin crawl. 

Ren Datura has been featured in showcases in San Francisco (Hubba Hubba Revue, 2016), Boston (Great Burlesque Exposition, 2017), Montreal (Bagel Burlesque Expo, 2018), and the U.K., as well as throughout Ontario.  She has also appeared in music videos for Dilly Dally (Desire - 2015) and That Handsome Devil (Emergency - 2017). 

Ren has been swept up in a lifelong love affair with dance and is entirely self-taught.

In recent years, she has discovered her passion for teaching and has been running both creative performance intensives and flexibility workshops since 2016.

Ren Datura recently unified her performance, production, and teaching endeavours as Human Geometry Studios. Toi, La Maladie marked its inaugural production.