Working within a variety of disciplines, Ren Datura brings her "commanding and enthusiastic" teaching style to each class; engaging students on an individual basis to create an inclusive and mindful learning experience. 

Each class offers a unique approach to improving technique and performance. 

Available classes listed below.

Foundational Flexibility:
Out of the Head, Into the Body



Each class of Intro to Flexibility comprises of a comprehensive guided stretch - working all the way from traps to toeS. While this class comprehensively works the body, a particular emphasis is placed on hip & leg flexibility and working into both center and lateral splits. .

Ren approaches flexibility training as both dialogue and ritual to lay a foundation of strength, understanding, and compassion.

Intro to Flexibility is a safe space for people to establish a positive, healthy relationship with their bodies and all they can do. 

Available in both group and private sessions, this class explores the fundamentals of strength and flexibility as it pertains to dance & performance.



Intermediate Flexibility is aimed at those who have either taken a previous session of Intro to Flexibility, or who have some prior training and experience.

This class builds on those foundational elements. There is continued emphasis on core, leg, and hip strength & flexibility with added elements of conditioning, endurance training, and more.

Impulse in Performance:

Breaking The SurfaCE

A dance & performance workshop on overcoming reliance on formulas, and learning to connect to your instincts. Learn about channeling your impulses to create dynamic and engaging performances.  

This is a half-day intensive, and will include a full-body stretch, discussion and writing components, and more.

While this is aimed at people who dance or perform consistently, no formal training of any kind is required, and all skill levels are welcome. 


“In just 2 months, my body’s strength and flexibility has improved immensely. I started off feeling like I could never be flexible but after just one class I could already feel a shift. I highly recommend Ren Datura as a teacher because she taught me how to push myself and, more importantly, how to trust my body.
After each class, I feel energized, grounded, and can actually be in my body instead of my head. This mindfulness is a sacred gift that Datura's class has brought to me. I can’t wait to keep improving and I know with her as a teacher, I will.”

-Luna, Private Student


“The ambiance was on point. I felt super comfortable. I have pretty bad social anxiety, especially when I have to try things I don’t normally do (in this case, stretching!) and I just felt really at ease.
Awesome. Not too lax, and easy to follow along with too.”


 “I had so much fun in Ren Datura’s flexibility course. She’s an excellent teacher and motivator, and the classes were always full of energy. It was a serious workout and I loved being able to see myself progress from week to week.”


“…Comfortable, inclusive, and perfect for people learning the ropes to push themselves in flexibility and endurance. I certainly saw a vast improvement over the 6 weeks, and continue to do the exercises I’ve learned in my own time.”



“I am a registered physiotherapist and have taken Datura's series of flexibility classes. Ren Datura's program really impressed me in a few ways:
1) Her approach to leg flexibility is incredibly thorough and systematic. Her program tackles the key muscles [in] multiple ways, multiple times to really help you achieve the splits.

2) She is great at encouraging people to know their own limits and tap out if a stretch is too much to avoid injury.  She will non-judgmentally help you modify a stretch if it isn’t working by pointing out which part of a stretch really matters.

3) As with everything else she does, Datura brings a high degree of artistry. She helps students add artistry to their movements by introducing a focus on transitional movements.
Her flexibility style is brutal, but also beautiful. At the end of the day, I got deeper into the splits with Datura than I ever have before! What more can I say?”

-Sharon, Physiotherapist